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TENGA strives to use high quality materials for their products, and it shows! Lightweight and comfortable, soft and pleasurable, and just the right size, TENGA’s toys feel great to use.     


Meet Your New Favorite toy

In the world of masturbators, there are really a universe of options available. Some that vibrate, some that tighten, some that tell you they love you… I’m joking about the love part, but there is an item that you can’t pass up:

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Apply a generous amount of lube to the inside, because there is a ring that actually will hold lubrication in and help with easing in. Once inside you will be greeted by a mixture of ridges and curves that will stimulate you even further. When you get to the end, you will notice a special present waiting for you at the end of your journey…No really, there is a head massager at the end of this tunnel of joy.  To make things even better, you have the ability to bend it [all the way around]!

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For a quick but pleasurable experience, try the Original Vacuum Cup!

Pre-lubricated and self-contained, this toy is ready when you are. Intense suction and gratifying texture make this toy a win-win-win! 

Take Luxury to a new level with the Flip 0

The beloved Flip Hole has been reinvented! Easy to use and even easier to take care of, the intense texture throughout is made of high-quality material and is sure to leave you more than satisfied. As far as masturbators are concerned, the Flip 0 is the ultimate in luxury. 

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