Douching: Where to get clean, and why!

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written by Z for Libido Adult Store

    Douching gets kind of a bad rap. After all, it’s most likely been one of your most popular adjectives since you first heard it in the fourth grade - or something like that, right? Ah, youth, when “douche” was something funny to call your friends; something to giggle about, once you finally learned what vaginal douching was...but it was never something you learned about really, was it?

Unfortunately, in the experiences of many, education about douching was never really a thing, and that is why it is still a common misconception that vaginal douching is healthy and safe for your body - and worse, that it’s something to be embarrassed about. Even less talked about is the practice of anal douching; improper douching can lead to discomfort, and the world of anal douching can seem pretty daunting at first, especially if you’re not sure if - or why - you need to do it.

Many physicians, including those at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists,  actively recommend against vaginal douching. The vagina is home to many healthy bacterias that maintain the health and cleanliness of the vagina and reproductive system. You might also be surprised to learn that the vagina has it’s own pH balance! Douching can compromise all of this. When bacteria is flushed out, the vagina becomes susceptible to more problems than odour or residual period blood - there is greater risk for yeast and other infections, which can even travel up into the reproductive system. Other risks include Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, bladder infection, and in some extreme cases, regular douching can even cause pregnancy complications. A shallow wash in the tub or shower is typically sufficient for the vagina, as it is actually relatively self-cleaning. Remember that the vagina has a pH balance? The acidity of the vaginal canal helps regulate bacteria and prevent infection. Topical wipes may be used as well, externally. The best way to maintain a healthy vagina is to maintain overall wellness! If odour is a concern, first check with a gynecologist. A particularly strong odour may be sign of infection. And if you’re feeling a little experimental, rumour has it that eating fresh fruits will affect personal scent (pineapple is the most popular choice). Hey, this may or may not be true, but at least it’s safer than vaginal douching, right? (unless of course you have an allergy…)

    Lots of people who practice regular anal sex like to douche before (and sometimes after, too) to achieve both cleanliness and peace of mind. It is common for those who are new to anal sex to have a bit of apprehension at first, but what it all comes down to is personal preference. There are different methods and reasons for douching, so it’s important to consider your personal needs, and to experiment with different methods, so that you can settle on the one that’s right for you. For some, a shallow douche may be enough; this can be achieved with a splash of water from a bulb or a spout that is not inserted into the anus, or can simply be done in the shower. To achieve a deeper clean, there are hose kits which you can attach to your shower or sink, and also enema kits, and bulbs. Generally, these are bags or bulbs which can be filled with water, inserted into the rectum, and then dispensed. While it is fairly uncommon, some choose to douche using mineral oils and/or saline kits. The safest liquid to douche with is clean water. Unless you are receptive during anal sex, you may find that douching is not necessary for you. For those on the receiving end, there are slight risks involved with anal douching to be aware of; water expelled into the rectum is at risk of being forced too deep into the rectum and into the upper colon, which may cause discomfort such as cramping. Some researchers have speculated that douching may cause damage to rectal tissue, which could make the body more susceptible to disease. However, though it has been marked as a possibility, there is unclear evidence for this occurrence. Most people find that the benefits of anal douching far outweigh the risks, as they are extremely rare.

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