Top Myths About Lube & Libido Adult Store's New Guide, Choosing the Right Lube for You!

MYTH: Only people who suffer from dryness need to use lube.

FACT: Experts agree - lube makes just about everything better. After all, there's so many wonderful uses for it, you'd be hard pressed to find a reason not to use lube! Some people might question the use of lubricants because they feel their natural lubrication is enough, and that's perfectly fine. However, even when natural lubrication is present, there is still risk of micro-tearing and uncomfortable friction, which can increase the risk of transmitting infections. Sometimes the body may not produce enough to keep up with prolonged sessions of play; toys and skin can both absorb liquids, which during play can lead to unexpected dryness. Other folks may find that they simply prefer the extra amount of slickness lube offers, while others still may find that the added cushion of using lubricant makes sex much more comfortable. 

MYTH: Spit is a suitable lubricant. 

FACT: Using spit as a sexual lubricant not only increases the risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections, but it can also carry other bacteria that can cause general irritation and other non-sexually transmitted infections. The only time it would be safe to use your spit as a lubricant is if you know for certain that either yours or your partner's mouth/throat is 100% clean and clear of inflammation, lesions, or infections. Even so, you'll most likely find that spit dries very quickly as it absorbs into the skin, and is therefore probably not the most effective lubricant, anyway. 

MYTH: My body does not respond well to lube. 

FACT: There are so many different kinds of lube out there that it would be just about impossible not to find one that works for you. Paying special attention the ingredients will help in your decision making, as explained in our guide. Often, lubricants that are cheap and readily available - we're lookin' at you, KY jelly - contain irritating and sometimes even dangerous ingredients in them. This has unfortunately lead many people to believe that lube just isn't for them! In reality, there are tons of different brands and formulas made for all sorts of folks with all sorts of bodies. Check out our guide to learn the basics about ingredients, and then perform a bit of trial and error to find one that works for you. 

Curious yet? Follow this link to check out our latest informational guide, dedicated to covering lubrication basics!  Then, head on over to Libido Adult Store, and ask any one of our friendly staff members to talk to you about the lubes we have in stock.