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For March, "the Sleepy Tired Esquire the 3rd" from Libido Adult Store has selected the Velvet Plush Teaser as this month's product feature. It's easy to see why! The Teaser is the perfect toy to get you started with anal play. It's matte, silky silicone finish ensures comfortable use, while it's non-intimidating shape allows for easy entry. With a variety of sizes, our collection of Velvet Plush anal plugs is sure to have something for all levels of user. 

Come in today and see the selection for yourself; we guarantee you'll find something you love! 


  Not Just Any Anal Toy.

"Enter the Velvet Plush Teaser, the start to a line up of anal toys you need in your toy box…The teaser is just the beginning of a beautiful and fun relationship.”


Boasting that it has the worlds smoothest silicone is an understatement. Almost decadent…Like a silk that was imported from China and went through the silk road to Arabia and into Rome where a Caesar wore it on the coronation of the olympic games and was draped on the bed of the emperor to allow for a smooth nights sleep. This is soft, and with a drop from your favorite personal moisturizer, it will guide you into any situation with the ease of a secret agent placing a million dollar bet on black. 

Available at Libido Adult Store

Available at Libido Adult Store

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For added comfort of mind and for when you’re done, it comes with a stainless steel ring to help with removing it. Cleaning is easy; soap and warm water, or even boiling or dishwashing will clean it perfectly. It being water-proof and durable silicone means it will last longer. 

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This is just the teaser for a whole slew of anal toys that will give you pleasure where you need it. Other toys in the Velvet Plush line vibrate, and come in sizes for all users from beginner to advanced. The introduction to your endless nights of anal play has just begun!


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