Libido's Monthly Favorite

For February, Bob from Libido Adult Store has selected Screaming O as this month's product feature. It's easy to see why! Screaming O toys are the perfect addition to play time, for anyone and any couple. With a variety of petite novelties to choose from, you can enhance your sexual encounters whether at home or on the go. Libido Adult Store carries Screaming O Bullets, Erection Rings, vibrating erection rings with one or even two bullets to choose from - and of course, the fan favorite rabbit-style vibrating cock ring, and the versatile You-Turn.  

Come in today and see the selection for yourself; we guarantee you'll find something you love! 

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the perfect sweet treat

Screaming O’s novelties are the midnight snack of sex toys. Adorable, well-functioning bullets are perfect for on the go, and look great on top - and on bottom - of a cock ring. Super stretchy, fun, and accommodating to one or multiple partners, Screaming O toys are perfect for when you’re craving that cherry on top!

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Owow & double whammy

A stretchy cock ring featuring one or two bullets, O-Wow comes in an assortment of colors and has a textured bullet sleeve for a lil extra oomph! 

The stretchiness of the ring means it'll fit most sizes. Use the single bullet on top to stimulate your partner, or turn it upside down to stimulate yourself. Tired of taking turns? No sweat - the Double Whammy ensures that both of you will get all the stimulation you need.

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Your classic ring, available in 3 colors

Your classic ring, available in 3 colors

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Libido Adult Store carries other fun accessories by Screaming O such as bullets in either single or 3-speed options, stretchy RingO's erection rings, and the GoQ - a stretchy ball sling with attached perineum stimulator. 

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C-Sling (cock and ball) rings combined with everyone’s favorite rabbit ears make this toy a delight for all parties involved! 

The O-hare XL features a removable bullet with 3 speeds of vibration and a pulse setting. 

Available at Libido in two colors, we can hardly keep this on the shelves- so get yours quick!


A 2-in1 cock ring and mutual masturbation tool, the You-Turn accommodates G-spot stimulation while the built-in vibe stimulates the clitoris. The stretchy ring means you can use it as a cock ring, too! Cool, huh? 

You can switch easily between using it as a ring and using it as an intimate massage enhancer. The curved tip is great for clitoral stimulation, or flip it around to stimulate the testes while wearing it as a cock ring. 

Bob has this to say about why ScreamingO is his product of choice this month: 

"I know its not the easiest thing in the world to stay at Peak performance and potential 100% of the time ... even if nothing is wrong. Also being an “early 20 something” in todays economy isn’t the most ideal situation when it comes to [the] expenses to help [with] those problems. Screaming-O products offer a cost effective, long lasting, natural enhancement without worrying if you just spent way too much money on a gimmicked glorified rubber band for your cock. Screaming-O is a trusted, award winning brand that has been proudly been making quality cost effective products for any gender for over a decade."  

And he also offered up some helpful advice about using cock rings:

"Like any ring, if the head of your penis starts turning purple or [if there is] any other discoloration, you are cutting off circulation and need to stop before you injure yourself (increased blood flow is the goal, not cutting off circulation)."
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Screaming O products were recently featured in Men's Health "30 Best Sex Toys For Men." Come on down to Libido Adult Store in Reno, Nevada and see what the fuss is all about!

With unbeatable prices and lots of great toys to choose from, it's no wonder that Screaming O products are a best-selling item at our store.

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