the Point by nu Sensuelle

Point by nü Sensuelle

Product Tested By and Review Written By Zeke

the Point, image taken from product's website

the Point, image taken from product's website

Product Snapshot

  • Rechargeable, comes with USB cable, base, and wall adapter

  • ABS Plastic, available in a shiny silver or a matte finish purple or black

  • One button = power on/off, cycle through functions (there are 20 functions. I like the 1st and 6th one the best)

  • Powerful! After prolonged use, this may lead to tingly feelings in your hand.

  • 2 hours charge time, 45 minutes to 1 hour(ish) of play time

  • Not waterproof (specifically the charging end) but easy to wipe clean

  • 8.5/10


When we got the Sensuelle line by nü into the store, i had never heard of the brand, or any of the products, before. The bullet vibes were pretty standard sized as far as bullets go, and available in a variety of colors including black, purple, pink, and silver. In a staff demonstration we viewed the joie. That tiny lil guy was bouncing like crazy, and it impressed all of us with it’s power! For such an unassuming bullet, the vibes put out by these toys are pure power. Their slightly-larger-than-a-bullet stimulator, the “point,” looks exactly how it sounds - a pointed bullet, about 2.5” long. It comes packaged sitting upright in its charging base. I love the charging base! The magnetic charging points make it incredibly easy to pop it right into it’s base as soon as playtime is over, and the USB cable means you can charge it anywhere. Even in the car. Which is what i did as soon as i got mine, because i was way too eager to get it home!


Unboxing and Using the Point

I like the packaging quite a lot. The box is nice and sturdy and is one of those that is held shut magnetically so it’s a breeze to open - no need to worry about ripping the box accidentally, and it can be reused for storage. The toy itself is presented sitting in its charging base, through a little window in the front of the box. There’s no naked people on the box, no gender-specific anything, and i really appreciate that! A tasteful design goes a long way, and is perfectly discreet, if that's one of your worries. The box boasts “20 functions,” “rechargeable,” and proclaims “don’t settle for anything less POWERFUL.” My first impression of this was that the package was being a little presumptuous, but i was nonetheless excited to start using my new toy and put those claims to the test. Beneath the plastic “bed” that the point is fitted into is a USB charging cable, a wall adapter, and the “manual.” I put this in quotes because it’s not much of a manual - there’s hardly any information involved. It isn’t really necessary though, because the Point is very straightforward to use: between the charging pins on the base of the toy is a button, which serves as both the power button and the function button. There are 20 functions to cycle through so if you’re not a fan of single button-pushing, maybe take that into consideration. Holding the button down for 3-5 seconds turns the toy off, and when it is turned back on, it starts again at the first function, which is a constant low speed.  The setting doesn’t really feel “low” to me, though- it’s pretty powerful, like i said! To be honest, i think it would be more fitting to describe the first three speeds as "high, higher, and highest." I was pleased to discover that the box really isn’t lying about that. And the vibrations are not buzzy, surface level vibrations, either - They are intense, orgasm-worthy vibrations. The shaft of the point can be used for broader stimulation, and the tip is great for pinpoint stimulation. In fact, the very tip is sometimes too powerful for me - when i want to take it slow, i simply cycle through the first three constant speeds and into the patterns. The patterns are spot-on: there are 17 of them, so it is likely that you will be able to find one that you like! I personally prefer the 6th one (counting up from the very first speed), because it has an excellent buildup. Just the right amount for me, it starts low with short pulses and crescendos into a powerful constant speed - it feels about the same as the second constant speed function. This pattern is perfect for bringing me right to that edge, and then I turn the toy off and back on to bring it back to it’s constant speeds for finishing up. I am someone who has a very picky clitoris; i need some pretty strong sensations to get anywhere, and the Point is definitely in my top 3 toys.

Check out that sweet charging action.     (Photo taken from the products webpage)

Check out that sweet charging action.

(Photo taken from the products webpage)

And it’s not only great for solo play - my partner and i have used it together, and it’s small size makes it remarkably non-intrusive during sex. Solo i have only used it clitorally without added stimulation, but i’m betting that paired with a dildo or internal vibrator, this would be a real winner.

Because of it’s small size, however, the vibrations can be felt throughout the entire toy. After a while this can make your hand start to feel somewhat buzzy and tingly - if you have mobility issues with your hands, this may present an issue, and should be taken into consideration.

After using it, you can simply wipe it clean - you can use either a damp, clean cloth with hypoallergenic soap, or a cleansing wipe which is what i use. Then, line it up with the magnetic points in the base, and you’re good to go! For travel, a small satin bag is provided to keep the toy clean. The bullet itself is made of a smooth, nonporous ABS plastic, and does not attract lint or anything like that.

This toy is my current favorite clitoral stimulator, right up there with my womanizer. This is because it’s super accessible - it’s right on top of my nightstand - but also because it’s more compact, and has the perfect amount of stimulation for me. Cleaning it is a breeze, charging it is a breeze, and even though it can feel a little buzzy after i use it for a long time (basically only after i've used it until the battery dies), i find myself reaching for it again and again. This toy is safe to pair with any type of lube that you like to use because it is made of ABS plastic, which is another reason why it's on my list of favorites! I'm a big fan of hybrid (silicone and water based) lubes, so any toy that makes it OK to use my favorite lube gets bonus points in my book. 

I like to recommend this product for people who are tired of having to buy batteries all the time (after all, who isn't tired of that?), people who enjoy both direct clitoral stimulation and broad clitoral stimulation as well as people who enjoy intense vibration on their frenulum or perineum, and people who like stronger vibrations. It's fantastic for both solo and partnered play, and i'm positive it'd be great to use in conjunction with another toy - such as a dildo or a masturbator that has a cavern for inserting small vibrators into. 

I got mine in person at Libido Adult Store, where a variety of color options are available. You can also check out other awesome products in the nü Sensuelle line, including a small rabbit-style stimulator and a silicone butt plug. They all have the same powerful motor as my Point does, so i’m sure they’re just as amazing!

A reminder from the author: this toy is not safe to be used anally. It is perfectly safe and recommended for use externally on any other part of the body!

The views expressed in this review are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Libido Adult Store and/or it's employees. No affiliate links have been used in this post.