Insane Personal Moisturizer in Scent "Original," by Sensuva, the Creators of ON

  • All natural? Check.

  • Edible? Check.

  • Silky-smooth? Check.

  • Sticky? Nope!

  • Long-lasting? Check.

  • Warming? Check.

  • Delicious smelling? Check. (chai tea, anyone?)

Yep, it seems like this is a lube that has it all. After all, it’s all-in-one...edible, warming, natural, safe for internal and external massage. It’s even a hybrid lube, something that it doesn’t even boast on the bottle - it needn’t, really, as it’s got so much else going on. The great news is that this means it’s got all of the realistic-feeling qualities of a water-based lube with the long-lasting reliability of a silicone, all without getting sticky or too slick. They should’ve named it a super lube, really, but “Insane” seems like an apt description. Made by Sensuva, the creators of ON, the Insane Personal Moisturizer is pretty much my new favorite lube. Original was my flavor of choice; though there are many to choose from, the Original scent reminded me of one of my favorite drinks - refreshing, comforting, iced chai tea lattes. Yum! I knew i had to try it as soon as i smelled it.

Upon first application, it felt incredibly silky. It was surprisingly cool to the touch, and behaved more like a lotion than a lube. It had just the right amount of slickness to it - this is due to it having a minute amount of silicone in it. My partner agreed that it was very pleasant, too. We found that as sex progressed, reapplication was scarcely necessary as it was very long lasting with very little lube applied. It definitely warmed up a lot! The more friction there was the warmer it got, i felt like. I do not often use warming lube and it is possible that i am more sensitive to them, but it actually felt hot. We had to slow down because it was getting so warm! My partner didn’t feel it as intensely, so like i said, it might just be that I am not used to warming lubes.

This was definitely the best smelling sex i have ever had. The scent is strong but not in-your-face strong, it was just pleasantly noticeable.  

Clean up was almost too easy, because the lube was very moisturizing and didn’t get sticky at all, nor was it stubbornly slick like silicone lubes can sometimes be. All it took was a quick wipe of any excess lube there was, and done!



Sensitivity - I’d rate this lube an 8/10 for sensitivity simply because i am not a huge fan of the warming sensation. I did not experience any itching or irritation whatsoever though, and i wasn’t sore at all which is always a huge plus. I am ridiculously sensitive to all kinds of things, especially lubes, so it is great to know that there’s one out there that’s completely non-irritating for me.


Sensation - 9/10 for this category because it did exactly what it was supposed to. It’s also meant to be “stimulating” but that was somewhat eclipsed for me by the ultra-warming sensation. However, it said it was warming, and it definitely is. It was moisturizing and silky like a massage lotion and great as an internal lube, as well. My boyfriend said that it tasted pleasant, and it smelled amazing so i believe him!


Ingredients - I give the ingredients a 10/10. I love a good hybrid lube, especially an all-natural one. I experienced no irritation of any kind! It lasted for a good hour with just two applications, and the formula felt great, too. It never got sticky or anything, either.



I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an amazing all-in-one lube. Especially if you like warming sensations, prefer natural ingredients, and you are looking for something long-lasting! 

Insane Personal Moisturizer is available at Libido Adult Store! Multiple flavor choices include Cinnabun, Cherry Pop (cherry cola), and Original. Come on in and check it out today! We are open 24 hours, for all of your late-night needs. Who knows, maybe it will end up being your new favorite lube, too. 


Also available in sample-sized packets. Try it out!