At first glance, you know the FLIP ZERO is something special, with it's sleek, enticing design and abundance of features. That's why we're ecstatic to present to you our very own employee's review of this impressive product! 


by Sleepy Tired Esquire III

The Tenga Flip Zero is a masturbator. It’s just like any normal masturbator on the market and its price is on par with many other masturbators on the market... 

But that’s only if you judge it by its cover alone. It's similar to Fleshlight and Blewit, both hard case masturbators and leaders in the industry for mens pleasure products. But then you take a closer look at the Tenga Flip Zero and you suddenly realize… There is more to this one than you could have ever imagined.

Sleek white plastic with a foggy almost cloud-like cover hiding something very unique. If it had any black in it, it would look like a storm trooper. You open the package up and are given two lotions for it.  Sounds good, when you run out, just use water based lube and you will be good to go. But the hidden gems are when you open it up to fully add the lotion to the Tenga.

Inside the actual tunnel itself are four distinct texture variants that make the Tenga stand out. When you first enter the tenga, you will first notice that you have to penetrate it - this isn't your ordinary masturbator. The first two things you will feel are the Ripple Dome and the Ridge Wall. Placed side by side, these two overlap each other which makes you have to work to get inside. The Ripple Dome actually is pressed against the Ridge Wall and together, gives you the penetrating feeling. Once you've passed that, you are greeted with the Triple Chain Gate. Three separate walls close together that grip and hold you, even when lube is used. Mind you, you are still pushing deeper into this and you will feel the Ridge Wall and the Ripple Dome still working down the shaft. You are being completely enveloped by this and it feels great, and then you enter the last area.

The Layered End Orb is the final stop on the journey of sensation overload. Looking more like the death star than anything else, the Orb itself is practically a ball that you penetrate. When using the Tenga, these four texture variants work together in perfect harmony. The first two give you a massaging sensation as the Triple Chain Gate wraps around you to tease the nerves. And then finally, The Layered End Orb teases the very edge and gives you a secondary feeling of entering. It’s like Inception, only in a masturbator form, and will leave you feeling satisfied - and drained.

Cleaning is actually very easy when you read the instructions and becomes a breeze to do after a few tries. It feels unlike anything I have felt from a masturbator, in fact I had to look at this toy from different angles to realize why it felt great, why it felt amazing. It all became crystal clear as I closed the toy back up and looked at the opening itself. It is a closed opening, the internal structures of the tenga flip zero are made in such a way that they close over each other. So when you do use it, you have to push through the layers and you are rewarded for doing so. Everything else is a hole that you lube and its essentially a tube. Yet Tenga is much more than this: it’s a journey into sensations that many masturbators on the market don’t give you.

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